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Having trouble logging in?

If you are experiencing difficulties logging in or do not see any content/price lists after logging in, please read through to the end. Thank you.

We use Chayns for our partner portal, an open/public platform that hosts a variety of websites and portals. Anyone can sign up for Chayns for free using their email address and a personal password, after which they receive an account and a unique ID number, known as the Chayns-ID. This ID allows each user to uniquely identify themselves, as many common names, such as „John Smith“, are frequent on Chayns. You can find your personal Chayns-ID in your account under the „Account“ menu item.

To ensure that only you, as our partner, can access internal information and prices on our partner portal, the non-public areas of our partner portal are protected

To gain access to these contents, please send us your Chayns-ID by email. After a brief activation on our part, you will have access to all contents.

Since Chayns is an open/public platform, we do not have access to your account and login details. If you have misplaced or forgotten your password, please follow the „Forgot Password“ instructions during the login process. If you also forget the email address with which you registered, you are welcome to create a new account. Please do not forget to inform us of your new Chayns-ID afterwards for activation. Only then will you regain access to protected content. 

Note: an email address that has already been used cannot be used again for another account.